Making Smart Dental Decisions

3 Unique Dental Products

You may think that you know a lot about various dental products and services. After all, you’ve visited a dentist (such as Dentistry For the Entire Family) many times over the years. You have probably run across other things when you are reading on the web or talking to various friends. However, there are some really odd or unique things surrounding dentistry that you may not have heard about.  1. Bacon Flavored Toothpaste/Floss: Bacon is pretty much everyone’s favorite pork product. In fact, you can find bacon in a whole lot of places, including candy bars. One more place that you can find bacon flavoring is in your toothpaste or your dental floss. These aren’t just a novelty product, you can find them in physical stores as well as online. Maybe flossing your teeth is more attractive if you get a taste of bacon while you are doing it? 2. Floss Reminder: Speaking of flossing, do you always tell your dentist that you floss twice a day? Even though you know that you are supposed to do it twice a day for the best oral health, it can be hard to remember. However, you can get a dental floss reminder. This reminder not only reminds you that you should floss your teeth, it will also report back to your dentist that you did floss your teeth. The unit connects to Wifi and can send the information straight back to your dentist so that they have your daily flossing record. You probably won’t forget to floss again.  3. Medicine Dispenser: There are people who have long-term medical conditions that require them to take regular medication.... read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Dental Space Maintainers For Your Kids

Raising a child today can be expensive, especially when it comes to paying for dental work. Fortunately, there are some dental services that can help prevent your child from needing more costly dental work in the future. One of these services is the placement of a space maintainer. These items are used when baby teeth fall out before a permanent tooth begins to come in. Here are 3 reasons why you should be sure that you talk with your child’s dentist about space maintainers in the future. 1. Space maintainers can reduce the need for braces. Crooked teeth haunt the dreams of many parents, and for good reason. The average cost of braces in the United States was $5,200 in the year 2012, and this number is expected to continue to grow. If you are looking for a way to help your child avoid the need for braces, you might want to consider investing in a space maintainer. Once a baby tooth is lost the surrounding teeth can begin to shift if a permanent tooth doesn’t grow in immediately. By having a space maintainer placed after your child loses a baby tooth you can eliminate many alignment problems. 2. Space maintainers help permanent teeth grow in properly. The manner in which permanent teeth grown in, or erupt, can affect your child’s future oral health. When a gap exists due to the premature loss of a baby tooth, the permanent teeth to either side could begin to tilt or tip into this gap. Teeth that are tipped do not provide a flat surface for chewing, and can cause your child... read more

How Dental Implants Are Installed In Your Mouth

Tooth decay and gum disease can result in a person losing many, if not all of their teeth. One option is to get a pair of dentures that you’ll have to take out to clean, but if you want to regain the feeling of permanent teeth in your mouth, you might want to consider getting dental implants. Implants are rooted in your mouth and can make you feel as if you still had your original teeth: Remove All Your Teeth The first thing your dentists may decide to do in cases of advanced tooth and gum decay is to remove all the existing teeth in your mouth. This is done for your protection and comfort. Existing teeth can still decay and cause problems, and affect the quality of the implants. Conversely, if your remaining teeth are in good condition – perhaps you lost a tooth or two because of an accident, you dentist may only decide to fill in the gap between your teeth with only one or two implants. Cut an Incision An incision will be cut into the gum line where the implant will placed. This is done to expose the bone so the dentist can drill a hole in which to screw in the implant that anchors your abutments so your new teeth don’t move around or fall out of your mouth. Install Implants The implants are screwed into the lower and upper jaw bone around your mouth. The implants replace the root structure that held your natural teeth into place. The implant is placed into the bone so the end that the abutment is attached... read more

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